Presentations at the Undergraduate Research Symposium

Some research that we've been working on with two undergraduate researchers was presented at the University of Illinois' Undergraduate Research Symposium this week!


Jenna Mattes presented her work, "Assessing the Influence of Landowner Attitudes on the Availability and Quality of Amphibian Habitat in Human-Constructed Ponds." This project is a collaboration between Jenna, myself, and grad student colleague Timothy Swartz. Jenna did a great job with a challenging project that involved integrating aerial imagery from multiple sources with landowner survey data. 


Rachel Daughtridge presented her project, "Arthropod Response to a Landscape-Scale Herbicide Experiment: An Exploration of Grassland Birds' Prey Base." Rachel has been dedicated to identifying and measuring thousands of individual arthropods over the past year, and found some surprising results when relating the abundance and biomass of these arthropods to vegetation composition.  


Both titles can be viewed in the online program here. Great job, Rachel and Jenna! I can't wait to see what you do next.